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Evyan White Shoulders Deodorant  Womens  2.6 oz.

White Shoulders Dusting Powder for Women by Evyan

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  • White Shoulders was launched by the Evyan design house in 1949. The dusting powder exudes femininity in all its glory through the use of lovely timeless florals. The top notes of neroli and tuberose, blend in beautiful harmony with the middle notes of gardenia, jasmine and rose. The powder lingers on through base notes of amber and oakmoss, leaving an elegant charm through the day.

    • Top notes of tuberose and neroli
    • Middle notes of jasmine, rose, lily and gardenia
    • Base notes of oakmoss and amber
    About the Brand
    Somewhere in the middle of the 1930s, the couple Baron Walter Langer and Evelyn Diane Westell revolutionized the perfume industry in France by introducing the line of Evyan fragrances in New York. They wanted to produce a scent for the American women, one which had no fake connections with France. Efforts were made to select every note of the perfume and package it by procuring all the elements from America. Evyan considers fragrance to be an art and employs the finest ingredients to create a perfume. The company, under the name of Estall, launched a scent in the year 1948.