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This Accessibility Statement applies to (the "Website"). Last updated in July 2019.

TFO, Inc. ("Fragrance Outlet") values accessibility to the Website for all of its users. To ensure every visitor to our Website can review the Website content, Fragrance Outlet has incorporated assistive technology into the Website to facilitate access for all users. Fragrance Outlet internally monitors and audits the Website with regularity, testing the accessibility of the Website using the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 as a reference standard.

Fragrance Outlet strives to make the Website user-friendly for all, including individuals who have disabilities. WCAG establishes best-in-class standards for on-line accessibility, based on three levels of accessibility measurement, namely, A, AA and AAA. Fragrance Outlet strives to publish all Website content that it creates, authors or directly produces in conformance with the level AA standard, however certain of the content on the Website is provided by third-parties and may not conform to this standard. When auditing and testing of the Website shows that content on the Website is not performing to the AA level, Fragrance Outlet will implement improvements to the Website to facilitate accessibility for all at this standard.

To the extent possible, Fragrance Outlet will favor providers based on their capabilities to support AA-level accessibility or better on the Website. Irrespective of the foregoing, Fragrance Outlet will ensure that all third-party content providers for the Website are aware of Fragrance Outlet's Accessibility Statement. Please be aware that links included on the Website may direct users to a different website or digital platform hosted and controlled by a third party or third parties. These sites and digital platforms, which Fragrance Outlet does not control and does not manage, may not achieve the same level of accessibility compliance as the Website and are subject to the published and/or written policies and practices of those third parties.

Should you seek additional information about Fragrance Outlet's Accessibility statement or Fragrance Outlet's Accessibility practices as applied to the Website, please contact Customer Service.

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