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Natureza Sunset Eau de Toilette Spray for Women

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  • The Natureza Sunset is an unmatched natural fragrance that finds its place in the Fragance Outlet inventory due to its expert blend of sophisticated and unique aromas. The fragrance hit you with vibrant fruity notes on each spritz, and a elegant floral heart of jasmine and rose soon ensues. The fragrance lingers hours after with sensuous woody and vanilla notes that leave you craving for another spritz.

    The founder of the brand, Olivier Gerard, was always a nature-lover and enjoyed spending time in the outdoors. In 2008, Oliver was determined to become closer to nature by creating an ethical brand which would be respectful to both people and the environment. A couple years later, the brand NATUREZA was launched. NATUREZA, meaning "nature" in Brazilian, has not been tested on animals and the alcohol used is exclusively of plant origin.

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    • Top notes of orange, pineapple and blackcurrant
    • Middle notes of raspberry, rose and jasmine
    • Base notes of vanilla, peach, sandalwood and cedarwood
    About the Brand
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