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Cuba Blue Gold Orange Red Gift Set Men 1.17 oz.image

Blue Gold Orange Red Gift Set for Men by Cuba

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  • CUBA Eau de Toilette Spray Set for Men is for those who love experimenting and welcome each day with something new in mind. Taking inspiration from the sophisticated Cuban cigar, CUBA Eau de Toilette Spray Set for Men symbolizes refines taste and creates an irresistible aura! This four in one Eau de Toilette Spray Set from Cuba is just what you need to start your day on a fragrant note, with freshness that lasts all day.

    • Top notes: bergamot and lavender (Cuba Gold), exotic woods and mosses (Cuba Red), woods and spices (Cuba Blue) and blending jasmine (Cuba Orange).
    • Middle notes: vetiver and woods (Cuba Gold), raw tobacco (Cuba Red), musk (Cuba Blue) and cedar (Cuba Orange).
    • Base notes: white florals, jasmine (Cuba Gold), spicy notes (Cuba Red), vanilla (Cuba Blue) and sandalwood (Cuba Orange).
    About the Brand
    One look at Cuba perfumes and even before you smell them you can tell what sets the brand apart from others. Fragrances from Cuba, all come in cigar-shaped thin metallic cases, giving the appearance of a classy cigar in your hand. Cuba offers perfumes for both men and women, and most of them have hints of tobacco in them, making them a popular pick among those who prefer woody, musky, cigar-like scent. The brand is also popular for its gift sets – a set of Eau De Toilette Spray coupled with an aftershave and deodorant/body spray being the combination mostly.