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183 Piece Color Show Case Make Up Set for Women

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  • The new and improved colorshow large makeup kit comes with everything a makeup fanatic will ever need and more. It has a selection of 98 eyeshadows which comprise of both bright colors as well as matte colors. You can pick the type according to the occasion as well as your mood that day. It comes with 3 blushes to portray your emotions in 3 different shades, 45 lip glosses to always keep your lips luscious, and 25 lip balms to always keep them moisturized. It also has 6 different eye creams, 5 different eye liner pencils, and a mascara. Although it's a bit of a spend, it's well worth the splurge.


    Contains : 98 Eyeshadows, 3 Blushs, 45 Lipgloss, 25 Lipbalms, 6 Eye Creams, 1 Masacara and 5 Eyeliner Pencils.

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