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183 Piece Color Show Case Make Up Set for Women

Exclusive Selection
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  • The new and improved colorshow large makeup kit comes with everything a makeup fanatic will ever need and more. It has a selection of 98 eyeshadows which comprise of both bright colors as well as matte colors. You can pick the type according to the occasion as well as your mood that day. It comes with 3 blushes to portray your emotions in 3 different shades, 45 lip glosses to always keep your lips luscious, and 25 lip balms to always keep them moisturized. It also has 6 different eye creams, 5 different eye liner pencils, and a mascara. Although it's a bit of a spend, it's well worth the splurge.


    Contains : 98 Eyeshadows, 3 Blushs, 45 Lipgloss, 25 Lipbalms, 6 Eye Creams, 1 Masacara and 5 Eyeliner Pencils.

    About the Brand

    At Fragrance Outlet, we have a Collection of Exclusive Fragrances for both men and women.  Each of these fragrances are hand selected by an expert team of Fragrance Consultants,  who understand the current trends of “Fragrancistas”.  Much like Fashionistas, Fragrancistas are individuals who really love and understand what is hot in the fragrance world and how to wear fragrance. Because our exclusive collection is comprised of unique, smaller production specialty fragrances, these outstanding scents will express your individuality and mood. They will become your signature scent!  Our Exclusive Collection fragrances are almost all  Eau de Parfum and made in Paris, France the Perfume Capital of the world, so you are guaranteed a quality long-lasting fragrance that you will love! The Exclusive Collection is available only at Fragrance Outlet Stores and at Check back frequently as, very much like fashion, our Exclusive Fragrance Collection will continue to evolve with the trends.