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Perfumers Workshop

The Perfumer’s Workshop was founded by Donald and Gun Bauchner who wanted to give their customers the experience of a personalized perfume boutique. It became a hot success with the development of its fragrance Tea Rose in 1977 and their products came to be known worldwide. The company gained exposure when they started selling their perfumes at the upscale US based department stores Bloomingdale’s. Once the company gained prominence and their idea of personalized perfumes found strong ground the Perfumer’s Workshop opened counters in Selfridge's and Harrods in London, as well. With their fragrance lines of Samba, Zipped, and Tea Rose the company has a wide range of perfumes to suit every consumer’s taste and style.

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BUY 1 GET 1 50% OFF Entire Site*
Perfumers Workshop Tea Rose Eau de Toilette Womens Spray 4 oz.

Tea Rose Eau de Toilette Spray for Women by Perfumers Workshop

Perfumers Workshop
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