While Mercedes-Benz is known for their luxury sports cars, the brand's fragrances are equally iconic. Discover Mercedes-Benz's best selling perfumes & colognes!

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Operating since 1990

Pitch...THE MOVE's punchline is an ode to life. Set to music, it's the story of a young man cutting through the urban world and making it his own. Every movement, every step and every hop speaks to life and desire. The world is moving. So is he. #BeFree: He demands his freedom.
#Liveinthemovement: He makes the most of every movement. #Expressyourself: His scent is his signature.
A scent for Millennials: What does it mean? Forget clichés and generalizations about Millenials. If there were ever an era that stood out by the sum of its individualities, it's ours! Mercedes-Benz has therefore chosen to create a multifaceted fragrance. Free for each men to make his own.

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Intense Eau de Toilette Spray for Men by Mercedes-Benz
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Quote by Olivier
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Mercedes-Benz Parfums evokes me luxury and heritage values and at the same time the brand remains incredible modern and innovative

Olivier Cresp
master perfumer
Born from a union of innovation and craftsmanship, its fragrances stand apart as the high-end products they are, with a seductive blend of strength and delicacy, romanticism and power, mystery and sophistication. An ode to elegance and an exaltation of the senses.
To create these exceptional bouquets, each ingredients was chosen with meticulous attention to detail and each combination imagines with total originality. All in close collaboration with master perfumers from around the world, such as Olivier Cresp. And as these fragrances deserve equally special packaging, Mercedes-Benz has entrusted the bottles' designs to major international agencies and their manufacturing to the most renowned French glassmakers.

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