Our Favorite September Scents

Our Favorite September Scents

As fall approaches, fragrance wearers should opt for scents that are cozy and warm, especially for those chilly Autumn days and nights. The best fragrances to wear this month have warm base notes that will linger on your sweater and help you welcome autumn with open warms.

If you want to step up your fragrance wardrobe this September, here are four of the top scents that you should look for in your fragrances:


You don’t have to wrap yourself in a sweater to feel cozy when you wear a fragrance with amber. Amber is a warm and musky scent that comes from tree resin, and it will help you smell great as you step into fall.

This September, try fragrances with amber base notes like Fantasia de Fleur by Creed, Crazy Noir by Armaf, and Gentleman Only by Givenchy.


This impressive scent has elements of sweetness and warmth that are perfect for a cool September evening. Both subtle and sensual, vanilla commands attention without overpowering the senses.

Some fragrances with vanilla base notes perfect for September include Ralph by Ralph Lauren, Deauville by Michel Germain, and Brit by Burberry.


Musk is a sensual and masculine scent that forms the base notes of many fragrances. When combined with base notes like vanilla, sandalwood, cedarwood, patchouli, or amber, musk makes an unforgettable scent that is ideal for autumn months like September.

Some fragrances with musk base notes that you should try this September include Hugo XY by Hugo Boss, Obsessed by Calvin Klein and Mi Vida by Parfums San Reinald Paris.


Sandalwood captures the warmth and smell of a fall bonfire. This woodsy scent is rich and earthy. When you wear fragrances with sandalwood, you’ll feel ready to embrace the fall season. Sandalwood comes from Santalum trees, which provide its sweet, green aroma.

Fans of this autumn scent will appreciate fragrances like Bamboo by Franck Olivier, Oud Fleur by Tom Ford, or New York Sandalwood by Bond No. 9

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