How to Build a Fragrance Collection

How to Build a Fragrance Collection

As you prepare for the season by organizing your closet and your make-up collection, do not forget to dedicate some time to sift through your fragrances. Just like that old sweater or pair of sneakers may have lost their appeal this past year, you might find that your taste has changed and you are no longer a fan of some of the scents you used to wear.

The start of a new season is the perfect time to reevaluate the perfumes you have piled up on your bathroom counter and to consider finding new scents that you will enjoy wearing.

While getting rid of old scents might seem like a difficult task, it will give you the opportunity to build a fragrance “wardrobe” that will keep you happy all year long. Here are some tips to help you establish a collection of fragrances that are right for you:

Consider All Your Existing Fragrances

Before you step in a fragrance store to bring home a new scent, look at all of the fragrances you already own and try them on. Spend a day trying on each of your scents and see which ones you still enjoy and which ones have lost their appeal. Remember to keep them on long enough for you to get an impression of all of the notes: top, heart, and base. Get rid of any scents that you do not like and will no longer wear.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Make sure that you have fragrances that are suitable for your lifestyle. Think back over the past year and consider the day-to-day activities and the special events you experienced. Do you spend a lot of nights out on the town? Then you might consider a special fragrance for going out at night. Are you an avid exerciser? Then you might consider a light fragrance that is great for spending time working out. Spend most of your time at work? Make sure to find some workplace staples for you to wear to the office 

Reflect on every aspect of your personal lifestyle, and buy fragrances that you know you will use. If you only went to one fancy event last year, you probably do not need to have four different perfumes for special occasions. As you prepare to build your fragrance collection, take a realistic look at what activities fit your lifestyle, and select your fragrances accordingly.

Consider Branching Out

You may have spent the past couple of years certain that you like only scents with specific notes without realizing that your taste may have evolved over time. Stop by a Fragrance Outlet near you and explore the scents we have to offer. You might find a new fragrance to replace one of the ones you no longer wear.

You might also consider purchasing some classic fragrances to add to your fragrance wardrobe. Think about how you want to express yourself this year, and find a new scent that can help you show off your personality.

Consider Your Signature Scent

While it is always nice to branch out and try new scents from time to time, you do not want to forget about your signature scent. If you still enjoy your signature scent, make sure to keep it, and all of its positive memories and emotions, in your fragrance wardrobe.

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