Does Your Perfume Smell as Good as it Should?

Does Your Perfume Smell as Good as it Should?

Picture this: you walk into a fragrance store, smell upwards of 30 different fragrances, pick your favorite, and go on your merry way. Then, the unthinkable happens, you actually put on the fragrance, and it smells awful! If this has ever happened to you, read on! Never fear, we at Fragrance Outlet have taken all our experience in the perfume industry and compiled three simple yet often-overlooked tips that will help make sure that your fragrance has you smelling like a rose.

Keep Calm and Dab On!

In this case, we are not referencing the short lived dance craze, but rather the act of gently pressing your wrists together! Many fragrance wearers have a tendency to spray and rub. This is not good. Fragrances consist of three main layers; these are often referred to as notes. When a designer creates a fragrance, he combines various scents and extracts to create his vision of the perfect scent. By rubbing your wrists, you cause the notes to dry in a different pattern. You are, in effect, destroying the designer’s vision and ruining your fragrance in the process.

Test on Your Skin, Not On a Scent Card

Yes, we know those little scent cards are great for getting the general idea, but purchasing a fragrance is an investment. Once you have narrowed your choices down to the one that you think is IT, please test it on your skin. Every ingredient in perfume has the ability to react differently with each wearer’s body chemistry. Simply stated, just because it smells good on your friend, doesn’t mean it will smell good on you.

Please, Don’t Over-Spray!

Listen up, friends! If you remember anything from this article, let it be this one solid piece of advice: there is a difference between perfume and body spray. Of course, it can be tempting, but if you want to smell your best, resist the urge to immerse yourself in a cloud of perfume. While this technique is perfectly acceptable for users of body spray, those who use perfume will find that the effect is much stronger. Instead of an all over spray, opt for lighter spritzes along your pressure points and hair. Trust me, it takes far fewer sprays than you might think.


Now that you have some of the basics, you are ready to go out and find a fragrance that works for you! For all the best prices and selection visit us at over 100 locations of Fragrance Outlet to try our fragrances in person or go! Always authentic, always on sale! 


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