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Over 100 stores in the US

Over 100 stores in the US

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Operating since 1990

Best Fragrances for Cold Weather

Have you ever noticed how you immediately feel comfortable when you smell something from your childhood? Maybe the smell of hot chocolate takes you back to the warm chocolate beverage your parents made for you after you went sledding, or the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies brings you back to your weekly visit to your grandparents.

Whatever scent gives you that nostalgic warmth can actually override any outward reaction you are having to your current surroundings. This is why perfumes and colognes can have such profound effects on us and others. 

 One of the most beneficial ways we can play this effect to our advantage is when thinking about the weather. For example, if it is cold out we want a warm and comforting scent that gets us feeling cozy. So if you want to help prepare yourself for the upcoming cold-weather season, keep reading to find the perfect cold-weather scent for you.

1. Club de Nuit Intense for Men by Armaf

Launched in 2015, Club de Nuit Intense for Men by Armaf is a woody spicy fragrance made for club- and night-wear. Fruity top notes give the fragrance a fresh feeling that contrasts beautifully with the woody and earthy notes of birch and ambergris. The strong woody scents of this fragrance fill your senses with warmth and comfort, making it perfect for a cold night out.

2. Mercedes-Benz Club Black for Men by Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz Club Black for Men by Mercedes-Benz combines notes of sweetness, spiciness, and smoke to create a stand-out scent that will grab the attention of anyone around you. The warmth of the woody and vanilla base preceded by the spicy and smokey scent of incense is perfect for radiating warmth and comfort, especially on a cold night.

3. Burberry for Women by Burberry

Developed by perfumer Michel Almairac, Burberry for Women by Burberry was launched in 1995 as the fragrance of the modern, take-charge woman. This elegant fragrance starts off with a delightful blast of fresh fruit that develops into rich earthy notes before settling into the comforting and long-lasting warmth of vanilla and musk.

4. Crystal Noir for Women by Versace

Crystal Noir for Women by Versace perfectly combines a delicious mix of fruity and floral top and middle notes with a warm and woody base to create a perfectly balanced fragrance. The base of vanilla, cashmere, and sandalwood creates an atmosphere of warmth and comfort that we’re all looking for come the colder seasons.

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