5 Fresh Herbal Spring Scents

5 Fresh Herbal Spring Scents

Spring is the perfect time to refresh. Refresh your home, your wardrobe, and your signature scent! Spring is all about enjoying the fresh air and new growth, bright greens, and beautiful flowers. To celebrate spring and to help you refresh your fragrance lineup, we’ve selected five fresh herbal scents we think everyone will love.

1. Millionaire Premium by Ab Spirit

Part of the Exclusive Collection of fragrances hand-picked by Fragrance Outlet experts, Millionaire Premium by Ab Spirit is a unique herbaceous scent that combines earthy and masculine warmth with fresh, bright greenery. Herbal and slightly medicinal as the fragrance warms, Millionaire Premium starts soft with top notes of apple and eucalyptus. Perfect to wear after a trip to the gym or for a casual day at home, Millionaire Premium will make you feel confident and fresh.

Scent Notes:

Top - Apple, Cardamom, and Eucalyptus

Mid - Geranium, Pine Needles, and Gaiac Wood

Base - Patchouli, Citrus, and Fir Balsam

2. Mercedes-Benz Club by Mercedes-Benz

Fresh and sophisticated, Mercedes-Benz Club by Mercedes-Benz is a scent formulated for men that exude an understated sense of power. Beginning with slightly tart and fruity rhubarb that gives way to spicy cardamom and herbaceous patchouli, this scent is as multi-layered as you are. Perfect for a day of leisure or a trip to the golf course, Mercedes-Benz Club exudes class and luxury while remaining fresh and uplifting.

Scent Notes:

Top - Rhubarb and Citrus

Mid - Juniper Berries, Cardamom, Water, and Spices

Base - Patchouli, Wood, Tonka Bean, and Ambroxan

3. Michael Kors by Michael Kors

Michael Kors is known for creating nature-inspired scents that are long-wearing and stay fresh all day. Michael Kors by Michael Kors is no exception to the rule, bearing all the signature qualities of an incredible MK fragrance in a uniquely herbaceous formula. Featuring tangy tamarind, sweet lily, and spicy incense, this fragrance is almost perfectly balanced, leaning slightly towards herbal. Wearable for any occasion, Michael Kors is the type of fragrance that can go with any style and be worn by anyone.

Scent Notes:

Top - Tamarind, Freesia, Chinese Osmanthus, and Incense

Mid - Blue Orris, Arum Lily, White Wings Peony, Iris, and Tuberose

Base: Vetiver, Cashmere Wood, and Musk

4. Mr Burberry by Burberry

If fragrant herbs and spices are your thing, Mr Burberry by Burberry could be your new signature scent! From the world-famous design house, Mr Burberry is a contemporary men’s fragrance that combines spicy top notes with a combination of earthy and musky base notes. Mysterious yet still fresh, Mr Burberry is the perfect statement scent for spring but can be worn any time of year thanks to its well-balanced profile. Packaged in an understated and classic bottle, Mr Burberry will surprise you with its depth and complexity.

Scent Notes:

Top - Tarragon, Cardamom, and Grapefruit

Mid - Cedar, Nutmeg, and Birch Leaf

Base - Vetiver, Guaiac Wood, and Sandalwood

5. Luna Rossa Carbon by Prada

Pepper and lavender make this fragrance from the design house of Prada stand out from any crowd. Light and simple yet uniquely spiced, Luna Rossa Carbon is a refined scent for a refined gentleman. Masculine without being overpowering or astringent, Luna Rossa Carbon combines earthy notes like soil and coal with classic fragrance staples like bergamot and patchouli. Intense when applied heavily without becoming overwhelming, Luna Rossa Carbon can also be worn with a light touch for a subtle and sexy hint of spice.

Scent Notes:

Tip: Pepper and Bergamot

MidL Soil, Tincture, Coal, and Lavender

Base: Ambroxan and Patchouli


Get ready for spring and find your signature scent by browsing Fragrance Outlet online today!


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