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Refillable Fragrance Spray Atomizer Pure

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  • Travalo mini refillable atomizer bottle helps you freshen up quickly without the need to carry a giant perfume bottle in your bag. You just need to remove your fragrance bottleês nozzle and pump Travalo (upward-downward motion) on the bottle tube. The atomizer spray will continue to last for 65 sprays once filled.

  • Simply remove the nozzle from your big fragrance bottle.
  • Insert the perfume bottle's pump stick into the filling station at the bottom of the Travalo spray bottle.
  • Pump Travalo up and down on the tube
  • Holds up to 65 sprays 0.13 fl. oz./4mL
  • Dimensions: 0.62"x0.62"x3.25"
  • Airport-approved to carry in hand luggage.
  • About the Brand
    Travalo is a unique company based in the U.K. (Dundee, Scotland) that produces small refillable fragrance bottles which make it easy for customers to carry their favorite perfumes and colognes wherever they go. Travalo launched this 'genius' mini refillable perfume bottle that works like an atomizer spray, in the year 2009. Travalo’s products match international quality standards ISO 9001, ethical standards SA 8000 and environmental standard ISO 14001. In the simplest terms, Travalo does this: It instantly packs your favorite fragrance in a travel size package which is fit to be taken for air travel. Travalo won the ‘Fragrance Foundation Technological Breathrough’ award in 2010 (with Victorinox) and the ‘Cosmopolitan Beauty Award 2010’.