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Jean Patou Joy Eau de Toilette Womens Spray 1 oz.

Joy Eau de Toilette Spray for Women by Jean Patou

Jean Patou
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  • J Patou Joy hails from the Jean Patou design house, whose maker was known as a perfume alchemist. Released in 1930, Joy continues to charm its wearers to this day with its rare blend of rose and jasmine. Exemplifying femininity with its master-blend of aromas, these fragrances are best-suited for evening events.

    • Top notes of green and peach
    • Middle notes of jasmine, ylang ylang, rose and tuberose
    • Base notes of musk and sandalwood
    About the Brand
    Jean Patou was a French fashion designer, also accredited with founding his namesake brand. Pataou was born in Normandy, France, into a family who owned a business of tanning and furs. Patou moved to Paris in 1910 with the intention of becoming a courtier. Shortly afterwards, in 1912 he opened his very own small-dressmaking salon, and called it Maison Parry. So, resplendent were his designs that his 1914 collection was entirely bought by just one American buyer. After suffering a few disruptions in business due to the ongoing World War I, during which he served as a military captain, he reopened his boutique, under his own name, thus bringing the brand Jean Patou into being.