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Black Sunglasses by Michael Korsimage

Black Sunglasses by Michael Kors

Michael Kors
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  • America’s homegrown high-fashion sportswear design label Michael Kors has a new product out in its eyewear division – the Black Michael Kors Sunglasses. True to its origins, this pair of sunglasses is simple and sturdy, looking completely sophisticated from rim to tip. The Black Michael Kors Sunglasses comes with a semi-transparent black-blue lenses, with rims available in both black and silver shades. About the brand: Michael Kors is a US-headquartered brand, deriving its name from the high-fashion designer Michael Kors. The company specializes in sportswear and fashion wear, in particular eyewear, apparel, accessories and watches. The company was founded in 1981.

    About the Brand
    Michael Kors, an award-winning, world-renowned designer offers the world ready-to-wear clothing and luxury accessories. The brand, Michael Kors, was established in the year 1981. At present, creates a huge range of fashion products, all under the ‘Michael Kors Collection’ as well Michael Kors brand labels. The products include watches, footwear, jewelry, ready to wear clothing for both men and women, and an entire range of exclusive fragrances. The brand Michael Kors is completely devoted to a sophisticated and indulgent sense of style. It is both classic and modern. Michael Kors has managed to create and empire a luxury lifestyle that has an international appeal.