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Which of Ariana Grande’s Perfumes Should You Buy?

Which of Ariana Grande’s Perfumes Should You Buy?

Ariana Grande is a powerhouse with multiple talents to witness. Whether she’s acting on screen, singing for a live audience, or recording a new hit album in the studio, you can be sure that her music, talent, and beauty reflect her confident exterior.

Following the release of her debut album, “Yours Truly,” Ariana Grande continues to dazzle her fans with powerful vocals and a signature high ponytail. Whether or not you enjoy her music, it’s clear to see that her talent is ever-present on and off stage.

Ariana Grande’s Perfume Collection

Shortly after the release of Ariana Grande’s debut album, the prominent pop singer sensation launched her namesake fragrance brand. While her extensive fragrance collection has existed since 2015, Ariana Grande continues to release versatile fragrances that she hopes everyone will enjoy wearing for years to come.

So if you want to embody the same beauty and sweet sass as Ariana Grande, look no further than her fragrance collection! Besides, as an Ariana Grande fan, there’s no better way to reflect your admiration for Ariana Grande’s career than by wearing one of the scents thoughtfully created by the artist herself.

Now, exactly how many perfumes does Ariana Grande have in her current perfume collection?

Collectively, Ariana Grande has already released eleven perfumes! Each perfume was carefully curated by Ariana Grande to let her fans know that she’s always with them and that they can feel confident, too. And no matter which of Ariana Grande’s perfumes suits your particular taste, we know that you’ll feel your absolute best when you wear one of her signature scents throughout the day.

So, which Ariana Grande perfume is best?

Of course, selecting a signature fragrance will always depend on your personal preference. To decide which Ariana Grande perfume best suits you, take a look at the following scent descriptions.

Cloud for Women by Ariana Grande

Released in 2018, the Ariana Grande cloud perfume makes a welcome addition to any fragrance collection. This is a fresh, happy scent that we think you’ll love wearing during the summertime.

Plenty of delectable fruity and floral notes with sweet vanilla undertones give this fragrance a delicate balance. With just a touch of whipped cream, indulgent praline, and exotic juicy pear, and mouthwatering bergamot, there’s no way you won’t love this playful scent. Best of all, the cloud perfume exudes a feminine attitude, making you feel like you can accomplish anything.

Did we mention that a blend of alluring lavender is the heart of the fragrance? This special scent provides a terrific confidence boost for anyone!

Thank U Next for Women by Ariana Grande

From the design house of Ariana Grande, the Thank U Next for Women fragrance is sweet like candy and filled with lots of sass.

This addictive scent opens with a juicy blend of luscious fruits. Think white pear, wild raspberry, and creamy coconut. And how could we forget that Ariana Grande added her signature sass to this fragrance? The fragrance blend also contains delicate floral notes, a bit of velvety musk, and macaroon sugar that is sweet like candy. It’s the perfect formula for a staple fragrance: plenty of sweetness with a bit of attitude.

Ultimately, this fragrance blend aims to please just about anyone. If you prefer fruity, floral fragrances, we think you’re going to love the Thank U Next perfume.

Moonlight by Ariana Grande

And finally, we want to introduce you to Moonlight for Women, a distinct fragrance by Ariana Grande that launched in 2017. This captivating scent is magical and defines Ariana Grande to a tee.

A sweet, fruity fragrance that opens with a dreamy blend of plum and black currant, Moonlight exudes plenty of positivity, confidence, and a slight air of mystery. This perfume is sultry, bold, and perfectly enjoyable to wear for a late night out on the town.

The Moonlight perfume’s middle notes contain the sweetness of peony and marshmallow. But then, vanilla, sandalwood, and amber carry out hypnotic, woody base notes to round out this unique fragrance blend.

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