Smells and Memories

Smells and Memories

One of the strongest influences on recalling a memory is a smell.  For some, the smell of fresh baked bread can instantly conjure up memories of Grandma’s kitchen.  For others, the smell of turkey transports them to a memorable Thanksgiving meal.  And the smells are individual.  What triggers a memory for some may have no impact on others.  It all depends upon that scent being part of your past and with what it was associated.

And so fragrances are one of the most recognizable scents and thus have the ability to trigger strong memories.   Elizabeth Taylor’s Diamonds might bring memories of your favorite aunt celebrating your birthday.  Or Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door might be the fragrance that puts your Mom right back in the room with you.  That is the power of a fragrance. 

This is one of the reasons giving the gift of fragrance makes it such an incredible choice.  Every time the wearer applies that fragrance, they will think of the giver.  It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.  As the giver, you’re ensuring you will always be remembered whenever the recipient applies their fragrance.

But why wait for someone to give you a fragrance?  Pick a fragrance and let it become your signature scent.  Signature scents are created by the wearer using it regularly.  You don’t have to keep it to one but rather a small collection for different occasions.  When the people who interact with you smell that fragrance, they will automatically have a memory recall of you.  You’ll not be easily forgotten!

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