Fragrance Inspiration: How do Designers Do it?

Fragrance Inspiration: How do Designers Do it?

As with any creative endeavor, you never know when inspiration will strike. Especially when it comes to creating a fragrance, one unique smell is all it takes to send a designer into a creative frenzy. So, you may be asking yourself: where are designers going for inspiration? To answer this question, we have researched popular fragrance notes, as well as the sentiment each scent is meant to invoke. Check out our findings below!


Some of the most provocative fragrances were made with a particular destination in mind. These scents are special because they are typically intended to help you recall a specific memory. Some fragrances, like those in the Escada line are great if you want to recall that time you took a visit to a tropical paradise. On the other hand, a fresh, clean fragrance might cause you to remember the amazing week you spent hiking in wondrous mountains.


Who doesn’t want to smell like a fresh bouquet of flowers? Because flowers have such an appealing scent, they have become the inspiration for many fragrances across the globe --looking at you, Marc Jacobs. While the iconic Daisy line is probably one of the first florals on your mind, there are many others as well. In fact, floral scents make up an entire subcategory of the fragrance industry. Some of the very first fragrances were created by actually rubbing flowers against the skin so that the scent would linger. Between lilies, roses, daisies, orchids, and every other good smelling flower imaginable, you can understand how these beauties have served as an extremely popular form of designer inspiration.

Sweets and Fruits

Sometimes found in men’s fragrances, notes of chocolate can produce a sweet, sensual aroma that designers often crave. Many designers have a vision of what they hope their fragrance will achieve. For those designers who are going for a sexy scent, chocolate is sometimes the note of choice. Aside from chocolate, other sweets have also been the key inspiration behind fragrance creation. For example, the fragrance pink sugar has been said to smell exactly like cotton candy; with a name like Pink Sugar, what else would we expect? Sweet treats have long been the inspiration for new scents, and this trend is expected to grow in the future.

Similar to sweets, a wide variety of fruits can be found across various different fragrances. Often times, fruity fragrances will mix several fruits together to create a unique smell perfect for the spring, and summertime.


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