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The University of Texas Cologne Spray for Men by Masik

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  • From the zealous Hook 'em Horns to the ethereal architectural beauty of the UT Tower, the University of Texas for him signifies the authentic spirit and allure of the campus and brings to you an exclusive masculine fragrance that is both powerfully authoritative and delicately sensuous. Launched in 2014, the woody aromatic scent of the University of Texas for him is a fine combination of luxurious top, middle and base notes that exudes a pleasantly intoxicating and enigmatic aura.

    • Top Notes are Rosemary, Mandarin Orange, Allspice
    • Middle Notes are Bourbon Whiskey, Orange Blossom, Lavender
    • Base Notes are Molten Amber, Tobacco, Cashmere Wood
    About the Brand
    Masik Collegiate Fragrances is a definitive brand that offers you an entire selection of 'university-inspired' fragrances that capture the essence of the various prestigious institutions in the United States. The Masik signature fragrances draw their inspiration from the iconic architecture, tradition, cultural heritage, and campus lifestyle of a number of famous universities and embody the very spirit of the university life through the exquisite incorporation of bold and vibrant natural scents. Available in both perfume and cologne form, the Masik Collegiate fragrances are a refreshing take on both feminine and masculine fragrances that define the unparalleled charm of your Alma Mater.