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Minion Despicable Me Shower Gel and Shampoo by Illumination Entertainment 16.9 oz.image
Minion Despicable Me Shower Gel and Shampoo by Illumination Entertainment
Illumination Entertainment
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  • Taking a shower just got a whole lot more fun with the new Despicable Me Shampoo and Shower Gel. Getting your little boys to take a shower might have been one of the toughest jobs you’ve done. Some kids just like being dirty. But, with the right strategy and tools, parenting isn’t exactly a hard job.
    Fortunately, Illumination understands that. That’s why they’ve chosen to release plenty of practical character-themed products that help parents do their duty and encourage kids to do what’s necessary. The Despicable Me Shampoo and Shower Gel is one such tool.
    It comes in a playful, attractive bottle that’s sure to put a smile on your child’s face. Plus, it works as a shampoo and a shower gel, ensuring that your child comes out squeaky clean.

    About the Brand
    Illumination Entertainment is an American Production Company that was started in 2007. They are famous for producing films like Despicable Me and its sequel, Despicable Me 2. Its highest grossing film ever is “Minions” which grossed over a billion dollars since its release in July 2015. The Minions movie was a prequel to Despicable Me and shows the origin of the tiny, yellow creatures and all the masters they served before serving Gru. It received rave reviews and is very popular among the younger generation. There is a lot of merchandise based on the minions both from Despicable Me and the Minions movie itself.