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Calvin Klein Miniatures for Women by Calvin Klein 0.5 oz. Eachimage
Calvin Klein Miniatures for Women by Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein
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  • The Calvin Mini Set is a creation of the Calvin Klein fashion house, and encloses some of their best fragrances. The Calvin mini set for women has four fragrances- Eternity, Euphoria, CK1 and Obsession. Eternity for herbaceous floral notes, Euphoria for floral woody notes, CK One for citrusy woody notes and Obsession for warm spicy and woody notes, make your pick from the miniature perfume set as you please.

    About the Brand
    A U.S. based fashion house, Calvin Klein Inc. was founded by Calvin Klein, a popular fashion designer. The brand has its headquarters in Manhattan, NYC. PVH currently owns Calvin Klein Inc. Besides designing and marketing men’s and women’s designer clothing, Calvin Klein also offers various other products. These are produced and marketed via a huge network worldwide. The various product lines sold by Calvin Klein include women’s suits and dresses, men’s tailored clothing and dress furnishings, sportswear (men and women), golf apparel, underwear, jeans wear, fragrances, footwear, handbags, eyewear, home furnishings and a lot more. CK is a leading global fashion brand.