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Gold Aviator Sunglasses by Coachimage
Gold Aviator Sunglasses by Coach
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  • Coach, the renowned American brand, famed for its high-fashion products, has recently released its newest eyewear – the Gold Aviators. Based on the classic, sophisticated Aviator design, the newest variant is just as chic and just as staid. Available in variants for both men and women, this liquid gold coloured sunglasses comes rimmed with a caramel-pale gold frame. True to its roots, the Gold Aviators don’t come with any accents or embellishments, instead celebrating the power of simple sunglasses. About the brand: Coach is an American multinational fashion house owned and managed by Tapestry Inc, that specializes in the design, manufacture and retail sale of high-end eyewear, footwear, fragrances, authentic leather handbags and clothing.

    About the Brand
    Coach is a fashion brand based out of New York City, United States. It was started in 1941 as a small shop run by a bunch of leather workers. The shop management was taken over by Miles Cahn and his wife Lillian, who used to work at the shop, in 1950 and bought by them in 1961. With their knowledge of leather works, they devised ways to make leather more sturdy, soft and flexible. They started using this leather not only to make men’s wallets, but also handbags for women. The brand now has a wide range of products that include watches, jewelry, bags, footwear, ready to wear outerwear, scarves, sun wear, travel accessories, fragrances and lots more.