Five Burberry Fragrances You Will Love

Five Burberry Fragrances You Will Love

Founded by Thomas Burberry in 1856, Burberry is a beloved fragrance brand both to men and women.

Burberry fragrances are known for their elegance and versatility. Perfect for casual, everyday use or for formal occasions, Burberry fragrances are some of the top fragrance options for those who want to smell great and put their best foot forward.

If you want a nice fragrance to wear when you are dressed to impress or to complement your day to day lifestyle, here are five Burberry Fragrances that are sure to please:

1. Burberry

A classic scent that bears the designer’s name, Burberry is a lively fragrance that is great for daily use. This fragrance has playful top notes of peach, pear, marigold, and apricot; middle notes of jasmine, cedar, and sandalwood; and base notes of vanilla and musk. This warm eau de parfum spray is a must-have for any fragrance wardrobe.

2. Burberry London

One of Burberry’s best-selling fragrances, Burberry London is a contemporary fragrance that will help you smell fresh all day long. If you are a fan of spicy fragrances, this fragrance will be perfect with you. It features top notes of honeysuckle and rose, middle notes of jasmine and peony, and base notes of musky spice and sandalwood. If you are looking for a floral fragrance with a subtle hint of spice, Burberry London is a great option.

3. Burberry Touch

Sweet and feminine, Burberry Touch is great for the woman who has an active lifestyle. This light fragrance has top notes of pink peppercorn and cranberry for a fruity scent. Floral middle notes of jasmine and lily-of-the-valley add a feminine touch to the fragrance, and base notes of cedarwood, vanilla, and oakwood round out this unique scent. This fragrance is a good option for those who want to smell fresh as they pursue different activities throughout their day.

4. Burberry Brit

Delicate and sensual, Burberry Brit is a dignified fragrance that is great for a romantic evening. Strong top notes of Italian lime, pear, and green almond fade into middle notes of sugar and peony. This fragrance’s base notes of mahogany, Tonka bean, amber, and vanilla leave a lasting impression as they linger on the skin.

5. Burberry Weekend

As its name suggests, Burberry Weekend is great for those women who want to have fun on the weekends. It has top notes of tangerine and sap; middle notes of nectar, iris, rose, hyacinth and peach blossom; and base notes of musk, sandalwood, and cedarwood. Casual and fun, this fragrance is a nice option for going out on the town with friends.

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